Coffee Car Steps Outside for Fresh Air

In April 2007, UCC opened its UCC Coffee Academy, Japan’s only comprehensive educational institution specializing in coffee. The academy, which enables its students to learn about all aspects of coffee systematically and at their own level, is the repository of the coffee-related information, expertise, knowledge and skills accumulated over the years since UCC was first founded. It offers a variety of programs catering to all sorts of students, from those who simply have an interest in coffee to those who want to open their own coffee shops. Thus UCC has endeavored to foster coffee specialists who can play active roles in our company and elsewhere. And by offering correspondence courses as well, the academy provides an environment in which anybody can enjoy learning, whatever their age.

A UCC Coffee Academy newly opened in Tokyo in 2015, adding to our roster of schools. In addition to our standard curriculum, which offers things like coffee seminars that begin after working hours at 7:00 PM on weekdays, we regularly host latte art workshops and roasting sessions, as well as special sweet and bakery seminars featuring famous patisseries and others from the world of desserts.